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The Quality Control Center is proud to be a national leader in providing a wide range of cost-effective quality control audit outsourcing services and solutions to mortgage lenders across the country. Our outsourcing services provide objective and independent analysis of your mortgage loan portfolio and its conformance to investor guidelines, specific agency requirements, industry standards, and internal policies and procedures.

Outsourcing your mortgage quality control audits provides an independent, cost-effective, third party review of your mortgage portfolio, while eliminating your staffing needs.  With our 20+ years of expertise, experience, and knowledge base in the industry, we are equipped and dedicated to assist mortgage lenders of all sizes comply with regulations, manage risk, and improve the quality of their mortgage loans.  We are equipped to handle, and welcome, from the most minimal to the most complex loan portfolios and volume, regardless of lender size.

Our audits comply with all applicable Federal, State and Agency lending guidelines and can be additionally tailored to meet each Client's unique needs.  We continuously monitor Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Federal and State law for all 50 states as they pertain to mortgage lending keeping our audits up to date to reflect the most current regulatory requirements. *

Serving mortgage-lenders of all sizes we are proud to have had our work and Client results evaluated by federal and state regulators, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, other industry investors, and internal audit teams, all with exemplary results.


We are committed to a long-term relationship with our Client Partners.  For that reason we are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service and support.  We consider ourselves partners with our Clients, working together to oversee their mortgage loan production in an effort to monitor, evaluate and/or improve the quality of their mortgage loan portfolios.

Our Clients, many of whom have been partnering with us for over 10 years, range from small to medium to large financial institutions and lenders.  We pride ourselves on delivering unsurpassed services to our Client Partners in the industry and attribute our success and loyalty from them to our experience, fast turnaround time, low prices, easy process, and partnership mentality and approach.


The cost of our services to our Clients is calculated on a per file basis to afford the most cost-effective solutions for your quality control auditing needs.  Outsourcing your mortgage quality control benefits you with an independent, cost-effective, third party review of your mortgage portfolio, while eliminating your staffing needs and associated costs.  When your loan volume is down, our pricing and your monthly costs are reflective with a corresponding decrease.  This not only benefits you during slower economic times by decreasing your costs, but also saves you from paying overhead and associated expenses of underutilized in-house staff within your organization.  Our prices are lower than, or comparable to, all of our competitors.  And with no set-up charges, monthly fees, cancellation fees, or minimum file requirements, there is absolutely no cost or obligation associated with initiating and testing a Client Partnership with us.

* The Quality Control Center's interpretation of statutory or regulatory matters during the course of their audits should not be construed as, nor are they intended to constitute, legal advice or counsel.